When Isabella McDonald left Gigha with her siblings and parents, Donald and Margaret, they were planning a life in the new world. Some family stories say they were bound for New Zealand, others for Canada. But the mainland of Argyll was as far as they got. The youngest children succumbed to cholera and so the family remained in Tarbert where they lived as crofters in Baluachdrach, and Donald became a Tarbert fisherman. For more, see the other pages from the drop down menu under “Tarbert”.

from Tarbert in Picture & Story, 1908





Talking to myself

Feels kind of weird, all alone here in my little blog, posting posts that nobody reads…. The site is starting to come together, although I’m feeling a bit hesitant about putting down the actual history. I mean, I’m not a historian, nor am I an expert on Gigha, Tarbert or anywhere else in Scotland. So it is a strange notepad… (more…)

Creating Order…

I had intended to use this burst of energy to complete a chapter for “Agnes’ Story”, but it looks like what I’m really doing is using this blog to get organised. In many ways I am sort of doing the appendices of a book, filling in references and links, cataloging images and getting my thoughts in order. I am still trying… (more…)

Where to start?

There’s something necessarily messy about genealogies and family history. Which is why I don’t know if and where to start. Years ago, I needed to answer a burning question, am I Celtic? I felt Celtic (whatever that is), I have fairish skin, I’m Scottish and I have a strong desire to be in Scotland, most of the time. So I decided to ask my grandmother about… (more…)